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Lizards and Chameleons:

Reflections: Lizards and Chameleons: We are Kings and Queens who once ruled an African Dynasty Mapungubwe, we are a continuation of our ancestors (Badimo), understanding this brings us closer to Modimo (God).  We can all learn from Lizards and Chameleons says Dr Wally Serote.

Like fish out of water, in the heat of Limpopo, the African Accent TV team was invited to explore and enjoy the wild with the SAN parks cultural and spiritual experiences at the Mapungubwe national park lecture series. A three day unforgettable and eventful wild life experience and cultural education featuring Dr. Wally Serote and Professor Maano Ramo Ramotsindela. 

Knowledge of self often can propel a people, it can give a sense of belonging and confidence to face their daily lives, a people defeated by circumstances often need more out of life something spiritual something that let's them know that they matter. Knowledge of self can do that, it can let you know what you are capable of, it can help you know the things you should be doing and the things to  avoid, Dr Wally Serote teaches us that nothing is above knowledge of self, infect it is the essence of who we are a continuation  of life it self. 

Why do we need peace parks and who's peace do we seek asks Professor Maano Ramotsindela. A shot left of African tales on the Mountain and the River banks of the Limpopo, where three countries South of Africa meet; Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, Mapungubwe an African Dynasty defined.

Who owns the land and how does it contribute to peace among us and who's peace asks Professor Mano, the concept of peace parks is a long lost dream of Africa. The idea dates back thousands of years ago, it has  always been our dream as Africans to connect with each other, to be a people under the God of our ancestors. The question is, what happened? Now more than ever, we seem to be defined by our borders.

Nothing is new under the sun. The dream of a borderless Africa is as old as existence it self,  our animals have always roamed free, migrating from one area to another, grazing in one country and sleeping in another, Mapungubwe is our collective African dream.
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